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So much delicate beauty in something so small! 

Spider Plant Flower

Spider Plant Flower


with love light and JOY


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Let Go and Let God

Beautiful Things to See Everywhere if we are Just MINDFUL of them

One of the things I have been manifesting for years now, is a brand new car (red of course!) There have been many things on my wish list, and so far, without exception, each thing has found its way into my life in strange and surprising ways, once I was able to release my own need to control the way things were happening- when and how  I felt, or imagined they should happen.  Since we do not have access to the “overview”  (for more information regarding this concept, you might like to check out the Kryon website and channelings, or read the books), there is no way that we can ever imagine, with our human limitations, the truly amazing things the Universe holds in store for us.  By trying to determine the “hows” however, we limit the Universe.  I have learned over the years to form a crystal clear intention of what I desire, hold it in my mind, feel its emotional reality and behave as if I already have it.  Once I have done this, I completely release everything else to God and the Universe and have o that all will happen exactly when and how it is meant to for my Higher Good.  Let Go and Let God

Free Food for the Pigeons

Once this became my modus operandi, things began finding their way to me, much to my continued amazement.  After years of  “doing everything the right way” to find a life partner for example, and always winding up with the wrong person, I realized that my trying to decide what I needed, what was best for me, was simply illogical and counter productive.  Once I got to the place in my life where I truly loved and respected and valued myself for who and what I am, I simply asked that whatever, and whoever was best for me, be allowed to find his way to me…and worked on this from a deep soul level. It has now been 9 fabulous months since this wonderful man was sent my way.  We met under very unusual circumstances, in a place I would never consider meeting someone, and he looks and acts (outwardly) nothing like I would have ever imagined myself to want.  But when we were brought together, we both knew that “something was happening”, and it is clearly a match made in heaven, and one that could never have happened by “doing all the right things” and taking charge of my life. We both agree that we are living a miracle and are grateful for it each and every day.

Free Food

The second thing which seemed as if it would never happen (simply because I did not have enough money), was my getting my own brand new, red car.  Well, applying the same intention and release system, things have once again proven themselves to truly work.   A large sum of money came into my possession in a totally ridiculous and unimaginable way, and I was truly flabbergasted by this.  I began to think about it, meditated on it, and realized this was God’s answer to my focused intention on a car.

So today, I went into town to find out about financing the rest of the car in the best possible way.  On the way, an Angel Feather was waiting for me…but not the usual kind.  Mostly I get the tiny fluffy ones or large ones which are shiny and beautiful.  This one looked as if it had been trampled and it had grease on it, and I almost went past it.  But if it was directly in my path, it HAD to be a message for me.

Angel Feather

Once I picked it up and felt its energy, I knew it was confirming my decision to buy a new car, but also telling me that things might not run as smoothly as I imagined but that I had made the right decision and all things would work out in the end.

And that is precisely what happened the rest of this day.  I won’t bore you with details, but I will be getting my new car, it will be what I have been dreaming of, but it will not be quite a simple as it seemed a few days ago.  But just knowing the Angels are supporting me will get me through the difficult places and keep me from giving up on the idea if it seems to ambitious.

While out and about, checking out the banks, I was, as usual, walking mindfully and enjoying the lovely spring weather -particularly the sunshine after so much cold and rain of late.

While waiting for my bus,  I came across this group of pigeons also enjoying not only the spring weather, but a free meal.  Lazily moving around and relaxingly enjoying the free bread put out for them,

Pigeons Enjoying a Spring Day

when all of a sudden a crow came along (see if you can spot it in the photo) and disturbed the peace of the morning…you can see the pigeons beginning to take flight.

A Crow Disturbs the Peace

In short, a day which could have been just a dull and boring one, bussing into town, sitting in a bank to get information and then coming home with more things to worry about, turned out to be a beautiful Spring outing with interesting events to see along the way.

I am so truly blessed and am grateful each and every moment for all the wonder and joy God  the Universe, and the wonderful Angels who assist at all times,  bring into my life.

with love light and JOY

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With Joy and Gratitude for God’s Wondrous Blessings

Small Pleasures

You don’t have to go far to see miraculous scenes.  These small “landscapes” are an example:  I went out to my small garden this morning to look for weeds and found these lovely creatures and beautiful flowers waiting to greet me.

First Flower to Bloom -Perhaps Winter is Slowly Coming to an End?

Just wanted to share my joy at the magic that each moment holds for us if we are open to receive and if we can just live our days in mindfulness, awareness and of course joy and gratitude to God and the Universe.

Still blooming through the whole winter


Would love to hear about YOUR small miracles if you care to share.

with love light and JOY


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January 25, 2012 – Same Same But Different

One of the difficult things about my not being in India this year is that I don’t get to enjoy my daily walks – anywhere between 2-6 hours on any given day.  Why not?  Good question!!

So I decided to do something about it.  There is no good reason not to be out walking here as well, on nice days especially, and although the sights may be different, they are no less interesting or less surprising or less beautiful than those in India.  And to my surprise, once I began these walks, I realized that there is much in common- with slight differences. So, since the blog is called Not In India 2012, lets do some comparing

SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT and I will try to make this a good photo post to give you some idea of what I mean.

However, before I could actually begin benefiting from these walks, I had to realize that one of the things that makes my walking so wonderful in India, is that I am ALWAYS aware of what is going on around me, and I marvel at the sights I see.  So why not do that here as well?  Less interesting you say?

Well, have you ever gone walking with a toddler or young child.  Doesn’t matter where you take them.  They will always find fascinating things to see and do along the way. Like a birds nest,

or an interesting entranceway to a house

Once I decided , mindfully, to connect with my own inner child (after a few walks with my 18 month old granddaughter) and become completely aware of everything around me, the walking became a magical experience, even here in the middle of town.


Doesn’t matter whether you are walking in Rishikesh or Herzlia.  Better keep your eyes open and watch where you step, or chances are you will not enjoy the results.  In India it will be cow dung, and here it will be dog poop…but the chances of it happening if you don’t watch your step are about equal!  And just as annoying!!

You might not see any interesting animals walking around here, like MONKEYS,


Rhesus Monkey



Donkeys with Full Loads


or COWS,

Mother and Baby Cow

Mean Cow

but watching the cars go by, and the people racing along can be just as interesting (Just hard to photograph because everything here moves so quickly…no shanti to be seen anywhere).  And you MAY even see something FOR animals like this:  A PLAYGROUND FOR DOGS…something you would NEVER see in India!!

And then there is always the glorious contrast between blue sky and green trees-



Blue Sky-Green Trees India

it is wonderful to see.

And then there are the trees:  So many different types and shapes….never a dull moment when we walk with mindfulness.

Bare Tree

Strange Tree

Spreading Branches

Even when the clouds begin rolling in, it can be beautiful, and brings some cooling air when the sun gets too hot suddenly.

Clouds In India

Clouds Rolling In

And what would be a good walk without stopping along the way for something to eat?  In India, my favorite choice of a snack or brunch would be Aloo Parantha served with yogurt and chutney and a steaming glass of spicy masala chai.

Aloo Parantha with Curd and Chutney

That of course will not be found here, unless of course I make it at home myself:


Aloo Parantha Puffed on the Flame - A bread stuffed with spicy potato mixture

but what could be bad about this lovely Israeli breakfast with a lovely cup of steaming hot chocolate to drink?

Life is good, if we choose to perceive it as such.  Wherever we may find ourselves, blessings and miracles and beauty and wonder are all around.  Use mindfulness next time you are out and about…become aware of ALL…connect frequently with you Inner Child to truly celebrate life !


with love light and JOY


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