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The More You Give the More You Get!

The Casino

The Casino

I have written in the past, both on this blog and on my Mindfulness Journal, about Manifesting Dreams and Creating a New Reality.  Much of what we talk about, and read about these days deals with the Laws of Attraction and attracting what we want into our lives. There are some very basic techniques about how to go about doing this. You can find innumerable posts, articles, videos, books, lectures, workshops etc. regarding this whole “business”.

But one thing which is very often overlooked, or not given enough attention, is the simple idea that “like attracts like” – meaning, if you live in a mode of want, if you worry about what you don’t have, and worry about what you do have but might not have tomorrow….if you count your pennies because you are afraid you may not have enough tomorrow, if you live “frugally” to insure your having enough “when”….then you are actually defeating the purpose. The more you live in fear of not having, the more you save for a rainy day, the more you count each penny you spend, the more you are “careful” with what you have,  the more you will attract more of the same into your life.  You will always be afraid and probably for the reason that you don’t have enough, you will never have enough for a rainy day, you will continue counting pennies because you will never have more than pennies to count, and you will never have “more”, rather you will continue to have ‘less”.

The story below is an example of how giving freely, even if you don’t have “enough”, of giving lovingly and without fear of “not having” what you need if you’ve given to someone else, of sharing what you have with a full heart, attracts even more into your life.  People who live like this, even if it seems as if they have very little, will ALWAYS have what they need, whenever they need it.  I can tell you this from personal experience as well.  Once I got out of the “fear” mode and moved into the “free” mode, once I began giving lovingly, to others and myself, whenever I felt like it or needed to, I began experiencing all kinds of unexpected surprises of money finding its way into my life, free vacations coming my way, strange “coincidences” and of course no longer having to worry that I don’t have, or will not have, enough.

I recently posted the following on my Facebook page:

On my way to the train station and in the blink of an eye my travel plans have changed. As always, God and the Universe are looking out for me, and I have been sent an Amtrak ticket by an angel named M. so that I don’t have to travel by local commuter train where I would save $60 or more but would have to change trains, (I am carrying all my luggage) ,wait for trains and spend more than 2 hours riding what is less than a 1 hour actual trip. I am truly blessed! 😀

The angel was my cousin who I was going to visit and she lovingly paid for my Amtrak ticket, round trip, and did so with joy and happiness.  Two days ago, she took me “just for fun” to a casino near her home.  I just played out the $5 I was given as an incentive by the casino, and when I finished, she took over the machine I was playing,  After a couple of minutes of play, SHE WON $1000!!!!.  And that is how it works!

The Winnings

The Winnings

Give Lovingly and Joyfully to Yourself and Others!

Be Happy About  the Money You Spend, on yourself and others!

Believe that You Are Deserving of an Abundant Life


with love light and JOY


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Let Go and Let God

Beautiful Things to See Everywhere if we are Just MINDFUL of them

One of the things I have been manifesting for years now, is a brand new car (red of course!) There have been many things on my wish list, and so far, without exception, each thing has found its way into my life in strange and surprising ways, once I was able to release my own need to control the way things were happening- when and how  I felt, or imagined they should happen.  Since we do not have access to the “overview”  (for more information regarding this concept, you might like to check out the Kryon website and channelings, or read the books), there is no way that we can ever imagine, with our human limitations, the truly amazing things the Universe holds in store for us.  By trying to determine the “hows” however, we limit the Universe.  I have learned over the years to form a crystal clear intention of what I desire, hold it in my mind, feel its emotional reality and behave as if I already have it.  Once I have done this, I completely release everything else to God and the Universe and have o that all will happen exactly when and how it is meant to for my Higher Good.  Let Go and Let God

Free Food for the Pigeons

Once this became my modus operandi, things began finding their way to me, much to my continued amazement.  After years of  “doing everything the right way” to find a life partner for example, and always winding up with the wrong person, I realized that my trying to decide what I needed, what was best for me, was simply illogical and counter productive.  Once I got to the place in my life where I truly loved and respected and valued myself for who and what I am, I simply asked that whatever, and whoever was best for me, be allowed to find his way to me…and worked on this from a deep soul level. It has now been 9 fabulous months since this wonderful man was sent my way.  We met under very unusual circumstances, in a place I would never consider meeting someone, and he looks and acts (outwardly) nothing like I would have ever imagined myself to want.  But when we were brought together, we both knew that “something was happening”, and it is clearly a match made in heaven, and one that could never have happened by “doing all the right things” and taking charge of my life. We both agree that we are living a miracle and are grateful for it each and every day.

Free Food

The second thing which seemed as if it would never happen (simply because I did not have enough money), was my getting my own brand new, red car.  Well, applying the same intention and release system, things have once again proven themselves to truly work.   A large sum of money came into my possession in a totally ridiculous and unimaginable way, and I was truly flabbergasted by this.  I began to think about it, meditated on it, and realized this was God’s answer to my focused intention on a car.

So today, I went into town to find out about financing the rest of the car in the best possible way.  On the way, an Angel Feather was waiting for me…but not the usual kind.  Mostly I get the tiny fluffy ones or large ones which are shiny and beautiful.  This one looked as if it had been trampled and it had grease on it, and I almost went past it.  But if it was directly in my path, it HAD to be a message for me.

Angel Feather

Once I picked it up and felt its energy, I knew it was confirming my decision to buy a new car, but also telling me that things might not run as smoothly as I imagined but that I had made the right decision and all things would work out in the end.

And that is precisely what happened the rest of this day.  I won’t bore you with details, but I will be getting my new car, it will be what I have been dreaming of, but it will not be quite a simple as it seemed a few days ago.  But just knowing the Angels are supporting me will get me through the difficult places and keep me from giving up on the idea if it seems to ambitious.

While out and about, checking out the banks, I was, as usual, walking mindfully and enjoying the lovely spring weather -particularly the sunshine after so much cold and rain of late.

While waiting for my bus,  I came across this group of pigeons also enjoying not only the spring weather, but a free meal.  Lazily moving around and relaxingly enjoying the free bread put out for them,

Pigeons Enjoying a Spring Day

when all of a sudden a crow came along (see if you can spot it in the photo) and disturbed the peace of the morning…you can see the pigeons beginning to take flight.

A Crow Disturbs the Peace

In short, a day which could have been just a dull and boring one, bussing into town, sitting in a bank to get information and then coming home with more things to worry about, turned out to be a beautiful Spring outing with interesting events to see along the way.

I am so truly blessed and am grateful each and every moment for all the wonder and joy God  the Universe, and the wonderful Angels who assist at all times,  bring into my life.

with love light and JOY

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How a Dream Becomes a Reality and The Important Role of Faith

Manifesting Reality – Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, India

So many people have asked me how I have managed to arrange my life so that I can spend 6 months a year in India, that I’ve decided to write about it as there hopefully are lessons for others to learn from this as well. Manifesting  any new reality requires certain understandings of “the way things work” but Faith also plays an important role in making things work.  So, as promised in the previous post, more details about Leveraging the Universe and Manifesting Reality.

I have done some thinking about the whole concept of turning dreams into reality. It is a fairly simple concept actually, but seeing it truly work is the amazing part. When we have a focused intention and can visualize it, and then release it completely to God and the Universe, our new reality begins to be created for us. The catch here is that we must TOTALLY release it, in complete Faith, knowing that it will be taken care of. The “how’s” are well beyond our human capabilities to imagine.

If we continue to “second-guess” the wisdom of the Universe, or mix fear into the equation, we sabotage the final outcome.

Asking each day for the best possible outcome to our prayers, our dreams, for our Higher Good and the Higher Good of all who come in contact with us, on all levels – asking for openness to accept and embrace ALL that comes our way in COMPLETE FREEDOM FROM FEAR – asking for the wisdom to “hear” all the messages we receive – is all we need to do to insure the successful manifestation of our dreams into reality. See this previous post for more on Leveraging the Universe and Manifesting Dreams;  https://notinindia2012.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/leveraging-the-universe-manifesting-reality/

In 2001, at the age of 54, when I quit my high paying job in hi-tech and decided to go off traveling following the travels of some of my children – I had no idea I would wind up in India. I certainly had no idea how I would find a new job upon my return. But I already understood the concept of Faith , and although I was a novice at the whole idea of manifesting dreams, and fear still played a part at times, things began to fall into place to my great amazement. And I then found myself, quite against my own intellectual understanding, traveling in India for 4 months.

This turned out to be the beginning of a love affair which has only grown more powerful over the years, and definitely not something I myself could have planned or imagined!

Upon my return, a job was “looking for me”!. And when family matters forced me to leave THAT job, I found myself in India again. This time with a free ticket manifesting itself for me.

The story continues – each time my finding my way to India for extended visits, almost without realizing what was happening. I began to understand that India would definitely be an integral part of the rest of my life. I continued to find work upon my return each time, always having the money necessary to provide for all my needs wherever I was, very often in surprising and completely unimaginable ways. I eventually took early retirement, again, without knowing for sure the “how’s” of the rest of my life, but with absolutely no fear or doubts that things would not work out.

Visualizing living in India was easy, as I dreamt of being there each and every day I was away. This is what true passion for an idea entails. Living with it on a daily basis, feeling it as if it had already manifested in your life – feeling it as reality – long before it has come to be a true “physical” reality. This is what makes it work. KNOWING that it is already in existence, waiting to happen at exactly the right time and in the right way for your Higher Good, according to Divine Will.

This works with anything. From small things like picturing a parking place where and when yo need it to manifesting a new home or life partner. All you need to do is determine the essence of what you want. Not the specifics. We are limited in our human awareness and mental abilities to understand what is truly best for our Higher Good, and when we limit God and the Universe with very specific, detailed “instructions”, we limit their ability to manifest for us the very best. Which is usually way beyond our imagination, something much better than we could ever imagine ourselves.

For example: when I began to imagine living in India, the place that came to mind was McLeodganj, where I had stayed and was familiar with. However, I never asked to spend 6 months of each year living in McLeodganj. I described the essences of McLeodganj in my prayers and meditations: mountains, lovely places to walk and be close to Nature, pleasant people, positive energies conducive to my personal growth and journey, comfortable living arrangements, good friends, etc. In the end, I was lead to Rishikesh where I discovered all of the above and much more including: better weather, beaches to bath on, cleaner city, less air-borne disease, better work opportunities, better and easier shopping facilities, easier to get to from Delhi, and the Ganga!. I could not have imagined all these things with my limited capabilities…in the end I received something MUCH better.

So, GO FOR IT! Determine what your true heart’s desire is, be completely honest with yourself, focus your intentions on the essence of what you want, visualize it, feel it as a part of your life, as something alive, and then release the vision to God and the Universe in complete freedom from fear and worry. Have Faith that from the moment you utter a sincere prayer, everything which follows is part of the answer to that prayer. Ask for guidance, clarity and direction from God, your Guides, the angels and for the wisdom to be open to receiving these answers, in any form they may present themselves – as well as the ability to flow with all that becomes available, no matter how strange it may seem at the moment.

Each moment is a wondrous blessing. Give thanks often during the day. Live in an attitude of gratitude and all things will flow lovingly to you.

In part II of this I will write about the problems in manifesting realities due to unclear intentions, or to the fact that we are confused about what we really want – or are even afraid of what we THINK we want.

with Love Light and JOY


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Hold in your mind what you want,

Feel it’s emotional reality, and

Behave as if you already have it

Sunset Over Ram Jhula, Rishikesh

When it comes to living the life of one’s dreams, to manifesting those dreams, there are those who think they must go it alone; that they must be the early bird, know all the right people, and succeed by the sweat of their brow – and they carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

Then there are those who have read all the books, done all the workshops, and concluded that it’s simply a matter of surrendering to a loving, conspiring Universe so that their life might be transformed by its magic – and they silently wonder why it hasn’t.

The truth is, neither are we alone, nor is knowing about the Universe and its magic enough to manifest change. The first conclusion is as self-sabotaging as it is sad, and the second is a bit like knowing exactly where the secret treasure is buried, yet never bothering to dig for it. Instead, the trick lies in knowing the difference between what one can, should and must do, versus what one can, should and must delegate to an all wise and capable Universe. Our part is the easy part.

We need only provide the spark to light the Universe’s fire; to hoist up our sails so that they can be filled with its magical winds. Yet without offering these token efforts, without assisting in these modest ways, not only do we contradict our wish to live as fully as possible, but we slide ever further away from an infinite grace that tirelessly strives to sweep us off our feet, surround us with friends, and create the life we most want.

In another post I will discuss further the role of Faith in Manifesting a new Reality. https://notinindia2012.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/manifesting-reality-part-ii-the-role-of-faith-or-how-i-find-myself-living-in-india/

But for now, a couple of further insights:

always remember: God helps those who help themselves.

Just remember to release all expectations as to how a certain dream should manifest itself, in what form and at what time and place. We as human beings have limited abilities to see the entire picture – what Kryon calls the “overview” – and we very often sabotage ourselves when we limit the Universe in what it has in store for us.  Know what you want, have a crystal clear image of what it is you desire and a focused intention on that thing, but leave the “how’s” and “what’s” to God and the Universe.  When you pray or have an intention in your mind to manifest something, always conclude the pray or intention with …”or something better” – since we very often do not allow ourselves to dream as expansively as we should.  Great and amazing things wait for us if we just allow them the possibilities of coming into our lives, without question and prior expectations. Open yourself up to the amazing the gifts the Universe holds in store for you and know that you are worthy and deserving of all of them – even those well beyond anything you could imagine for yourself!

And finally, be grateful.  Express your gratitude daily, often during the day, for all the blessings that surround you each and every moment along the amazing journey we call life!

with love light and JOY


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