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Almost seems boring to write a post about the ebb and flow of everyday life.  But “everyday life” is pretty much it.  It’s what we have.  It is a true adventure, with amazing surprises at every turn. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today…it IS the only true reality. And making the most of that reality, is what it’s all about.


Very often, everyday life is like a pleasant stroll along the seashore at sunset, with a cool ocean breeze gently blowing. But more often these days, it feels like a week long mountain trek over difficult terrain with a full pack to carry.  It is during these seemingly difficult periods, that we learn our most important lessons…

  • Gracious, grateful and JOYFUL acceptance of each moment, and of who, and HOW we are in each moment.

beach at sunset

The lesson might include the rude awakening to our “older” self, which probably will include certain limitations, but will definitely include new horizons and vistas which we could never have even dreamed of in our younger years.  Learning to love ourselves completely, exactly as we are at the moment, is a great blessing.  Never forgetting the child within, is part of that lesson.  There is NO limitation to being in touch with our inner child, to being  “childlike” (not childish).  It is the secret of feeling young.  Age IS only a number, but there are changes (mostly physical) associated with that number. The challenge is appreciating these changes and flowing with them, not fighting against them.


These lessons  can help bring us closer to others as well…allowing us to feel truly part of the WHOLE.

Each of us has our own unique path, but we also experience many of the same things as others along our own individual paths. Recognizing our uniqueness, as well as our similarities, makes it so much easier for us to be of assistance to others…AND to ask for assistance from others..

Being of assistance has always been part of who I am.  But the learning to ask for, and RECEIVE assistance, has taken me a good part of a lifetime to learn.  But the learning, and finally acceptance of the lesson has enriched me more than I could ever have imagined…

Allow your everyday life to ebb and flow, to unwind, as it will.  Gratefully, joyfully, fearlessly accept it exactly as it is, with complete Faith that all is truly as it is meant to be, in each and every moment, for your Higher Good, according to Divine will.


With love, light and JOY


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Lessons learned the hard way, may be the best lessons we have, but life would be simpler if we didn’t need them to figure things out.

Sometimes, you need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy the free time just being yourself.


Y. asked me awhile ago why I couldn’t bring whatever it is I have in India back home with me.  No matter how hard I tried, something was always missing.  I made a great effort at keeping the same relaxing pace in my life, and that usually worked, taking things easily, not letting things “get to me”, and of taking my daily walks, doing my morning practice, etc., but it was far from bringing India back with me.  It took awhile to understand what was still missing, but I eventually understood what the difference was of being alone in India vs. being here with my family, friends, partner, etc.

The true luxury of being able to think only of what I want to do each morning as I wake up – not what I need to do or should do – and if I decide to change my plans suddenly during the day, I don’t have to consult anyone other than myself.  This is not to say I sit around all day doing nothing there – far from it.  I have a busier social life than I do here, I work more than I do here, and am out and about much more than I am here (and if you are interested in seeing what I do there-you can check out my India Journal:   http://janesindiajournals.wordpress.com   ) While in India, I DO work, and DO have friend, DO have a full life, but it is always pretty much on my own terms, and according to my own wants and desires-not according to must, should or have to.  I have a very active and productive life there, but always on my own terms following the dictates of my soul – my inner voice-my own truth knowing what is exactly right for me at each moment.

Not being in India for a few months this year to regain my balance has taken its toll in many ways.  But it wasn’t until I was “hit” with pneumonia (following many minor illnesses, knee problems which kept me from my dancing and my yoga-(2 of my greatest joys) – eating problems resulting in severe weight loss, and more) that i finally realized what was happening.

I have just spent the past week or so, and still have a few days to go yet before I am completely well enough to go back to my “regular” routine-just spent this time joyfully and gratefully doing only what I want to do  – no  “need to do“, no “should do“, no “have to do“.  there will be plenty of time for all that soon enough.

But this short respite has been a true blessing for me and I’ve enjoyed every moment (am still enjoying) – (once of course I lovingly gave myself permission to be ill) without having to find “reasons” or “excuses” for saying “NO”, or not doing all the things I “should be”.  God sent me the excuse in the form of an illness which no one could argue with – You have pneumonia-you simply rest and take care of yourself-period.

It’s been a wonderful period of time-short-but lovely. And  although it is still not India, it was the “break” I needed to begin working my way slowly back to balance on all levels.

I’ve receive many lovely messages about things to come – on all levels of my personal life journey as well as my dealings with my friends, relatives, partner and clients.

It’s been a profound lesson.  If I simply could have declared a two-week “just for me vacation” a couple of months ago, as my soul was screaming out to me at the time, I wouldn’t have had to go through the difficulties I have been having health wise.

But how many people can just say

“Stop the world –I want to get off”,

and actually do it without having something come along to force them to?  Could You? Do You?

with love light and JOY




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