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BACK to India 2012 ūüôā

Ram Jhula

I have once again been blessed.  A long series of synchronicities   have come together to bring me to this wonderful place where I have once again been able to reserve my tickets back to India!  I will be arriving back in Rishikesh on October 10th, and although my stay will be shorter than usual, I will still have time to do my full Panchakarma treatments and of course visit with all my wonderful friends there in Rishikesh.

Waiting for Lunch on a Cold Winters Day


I probably will not have the the time I had hoped for to visit friends in other places, like Delhi and Dehradun, but perhaps they will also find their way to me in Rishikesh. I already know that a couple of good friends from other parts of the world who I have not had the pleasure of seeing in a few years, will also be in Rishikesh at the same time I will be there.  And for the first time, I am also traveling together with a friend from home.  It is her first time in India and I know it will awe and please her as it has me.

And, as always:

I leave¬† the “how’s” and all of the rest to God and His loving Universe to work out.

Ganga Sunset Over Ram Jhula

I experience all as it comes to me in complete acceptance, joy, gratitude and freedom from fear.

Below some further photos of just a few of my previous adventures and contented days in Rishikesh in case you feel like seeing them:

Bike Ride to Kuncha Devi Temple

My rooftop room, New Bhandari Swiss Cottage Rishikesh

Although it is still several months before I am back in this wonderful place, I am already feeling the calming energies finding their way to me.  Life is good!!!

On the way up to Neelkant Waterfall Rishikesh

Rafting Camp Along Ganga

One of Favorite Winter Suits

reflections on the ganga

I will eventually go back to posting on my India Journal Blog, but for now, I will still be with you here.


with love light and JOY


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Typical Scenes from Tapovan and Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, India – 2 Videos

Just missing India once again and going through my journal.¬† Came across this video taken just this time last year while sitting on the porch of my Indian Doctor’s clinic (DR. Arora) in Tapovan, Rishikesh .¬† Here in Israel at the moment it is stormy, rainy, cold, windy, some places even having snow -winter seems to be hanging in with a fury this year -and just remembering that it is already Spring in India.¬† And Holi coming up in a few days¬† (more about that in my next post).¬† Hope you enjoy the video…on second thought – I will post another one as well with views of a typical scene in Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh on a regular weekday, as well.¬† Hope you enjoy them both!!¬† They certainly brightened up MY dreary wintry day!

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/xHDe66ZNHzk” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

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Not In India But Really Missing It – Photo Post

Ganga View Looking Towards Laxman Jhula Bridge from Laxman Jhula Ghats

As the name of the blog notes, and as explained in the very first post if you care to go back and look,  https://notinindia2012.wordpress.com/2012/01/21/not-in-india-2012-january-20-2012/

I am not in India right now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t think of it every day.¬† Today, I am particularly missing being there after a difficult day at home, and so I’ve been looking at some photos, and would just like to share these with you…¬† they are from an album on Facebook called-

Life Along the Ganga:

(You can see many photo collections of my travels on my facebook page as well if you are interested in seeing more)
These are Photos taken during my walk from Swiss Cottage area where I live down through Laxman Jhula and over towards Ram Jhula and Swag Ashram. Check out the photo taken from the rooftop of Buddha Cafe where I “tagged” Swiss Cottage in the distant mountain, and also the zoom in to see it better in the next photo.
Hope you enjoy seeing as much as I enjoyed shooting during this lovely walk I do almost daily.

Happy Babas

Swiss Cottage from Afar (On the Mountain Facing -Buildings in Lower Middle Area off to far left of white dome)

Zoom In To Swiss Cottage Enclave From Far Side of Laxman Jhula-Little Buddha Cafe

Ram Jhula Views

New Shiva Statue after Flooding Washed Away Original - which was much larger and much more beautiful and impressive!!

Bathing in the Ganga - Brrr---taken in January - Ganga is Fed by Glaciers!!

Life Along the Ganga

Life Along the Ganga

Cooking a Meal

Women Carrying Luggage

Vegetable Stand

Bundle on a Bike-Ram Jhula, Rishikesh


Mother and Baby out for a Stroll

Looking Towards Laxman Jhula Bridge

Ganga View From Laxman Jhula

Remember: If you would like to see more photos of my travels in India, many albums can be found on my facebook page.

with love light and JOY

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