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Almost seems boring to write a post about the ebb and flow of everyday life.  But “everyday life” is pretty much it.  It’s what we have.  It is a true adventure, with amazing surprises at every turn. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, but today…it IS the only true reality. And making the most of that reality, is what it’s all about.


Very often, everyday life is like a pleasant stroll along the seashore at sunset, with a cool ocean breeze gently blowing. But more often these days, it feels like a week long mountain trek over difficult terrain with a full pack to carry.  It is during these seemingly difficult periods, that we learn our most important lessons…

  • Gracious, grateful and JOYFUL acceptance of each moment, and of who, and HOW we are in each moment.

beach at sunset

The lesson might include the rude awakening to our “older” self, which probably will include certain limitations, but will definitely include new horizons and vistas which we could never have even dreamed of in our younger years.  Learning to love ourselves completely, exactly as we are at the moment, is a great blessing.  Never forgetting the child within, is part of that lesson.  There is NO limitation to being in touch with our inner child, to being  “childlike” (not childish).  It is the secret of feeling young.  Age IS only a number, but there are changes (mostly physical) associated with that number. The challenge is appreciating these changes and flowing with them, not fighting against them.


These lessons  can help bring us closer to others as well…allowing us to feel truly part of the WHOLE.

Each of us has our own unique path, but we also experience many of the same things as others along our own individual paths. Recognizing our uniqueness, as well as our similarities, makes it so much easier for us to be of assistance to others…AND to ask for assistance from others..

Being of assistance has always been part of who I am.  But the learning to ask for, and RECEIVE assistance, has taken me a good part of a lifetime to learn.  But the learning, and finally acceptance of the lesson has enriched me more than I could ever have imagined…

Allow your everyday life to ebb and flow, to unwind, as it will.  Gratefully, joyfully, fearlessly accept it exactly as it is, with complete Faith that all is truly as it is meant to be, in each and every moment, for your Higher Good, according to Divine will.


With love, light and JOY


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Mindful Reminder

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child…or…

Never loose touch with your own inner child!



This exquisite creature was in my backyard today, but if my granddaughter had not pointed it out to me, I would have a missed it.  And what a shame that would have been.

There is so much beauty and wonder surrounding us in all places, at every moment, if we can just be mindful enough to capture those moments.  The more we are in touch with our own inner child, the more we are open to receive all these blessings we have been given so lovingly.

I do my best to always be mindful of all that is around me, with all my senses (but of course don’t always succeed)…hearing the birds or crickets, TRULY tasting the food I-not just the first delicious bite-but from beginning to end, feeling the different textures of things I touch, smelling the wonderful smell after the first rain or the salt air as I approach the sea and of course, seeing all that there is to see.  These are just examples of different ways to be mindful during each and every day.

Find your own way to put this idea  into practice and the whole world will suddenly seem so much more colorful, joyful, rich and beautiful. And of course, don’t forget to express your wonder, joy and gratitude for all these blessings as often as possible

Blessings surround us always…it is our choice to learn to appreciate them.

with love light and JOY



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Mindfulness Walking – A Reminder

The winter here this year has been very long and very difficult, (and remember, it is my first time in 6 years that I am NOT IN INDIA at this time of the year), although we have been blessed with much rain which we desperately need here in Israel, and of course, we are all grateful for this.

After almost 2 weeks of rain, cold, storm and wind, this afternoon the sun finally re-appeared and blue skies were seen.  And going out for a walk was a true necessity.  Taking my 20 month old granddaughter with me, I joyfully left the house.

I was so enjoying the warmth of the sun and the fresh air that I was not truly walking mindfully as I usually try to do.

But I was instantly reminded to do just that by my granddaughter bringing my attention to the things she was seeing (and which I was missing).

Grandma-blue flower!!

Blue Flower

Grandma – yellow flower!!

Yellow FLower

Grandma-purple flower!!

Purple Flower

Grandma – pink flower!!

Pink Flowers

It was a lovely walk and I know I would have missed out on these beautiful sights today if it were not for the ever present joy and wonder of the small child.  We must strive to never lose that joy in everything around us, in the wonders and miracles sent to us lovingly, each and every day. Stay in touch always with your inner child.

Stay aware!  Stay alert! Stay mindful!

The world is a beautiful and loving place if we remain mindful of all that surrounds us.

I am truly blessed

with much love light and JOY


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Today I turned 65!!  Life is a miraculous blessing to be sure, each and every moment of each and every day!


Eat dessert first, even when it is not your birthday-stay in touch always with your inner child-it is the best way to grow young!!

with love light and JOY


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January 25, 2012 – Same Same But Different

One of the difficult things about my not being in India this year is that I don’t get to enjoy my daily walks – anywhere between 2-6 hours on any given day.  Why not?  Good question!!

So I decided to do something about it.  There is no good reason not to be out walking here as well, on nice days especially, and although the sights may be different, they are no less interesting or less surprising or less beautiful than those in India.  And to my surprise, once I began these walks, I realized that there is much in common- with slight differences. So, since the blog is called Not In India 2012, lets do some comparing

SAME SAME BUT DIFFERENT and I will try to make this a good photo post to give you some idea of what I mean.

However, before I could actually begin benefiting from these walks, I had to realize that one of the things that makes my walking so wonderful in India, is that I am ALWAYS aware of what is going on around me, and I marvel at the sights I see.  So why not do that here as well?  Less interesting you say?

Well, have you ever gone walking with a toddler or young child.  Doesn’t matter where you take them.  They will always find fascinating things to see and do along the way. Like a birds nest,

or an interesting entranceway to a house

Once I decided , mindfully, to connect with my own inner child (after a few walks with my 18 month old granddaughter) and become completely aware of everything around me, the walking became a magical experience, even here in the middle of town.


Doesn’t matter whether you are walking in Rishikesh or Herzlia.  Better keep your eyes open and watch where you step, or chances are you will not enjoy the results.  In India it will be cow dung, and here it will be dog poop…but the chances of it happening if you don’t watch your step are about equal!  And just as annoying!!

You might not see any interesting animals walking around here, like MONKEYS,


Rhesus Monkey



Donkeys with Full Loads


or COWS,

Mother and Baby Cow

Mean Cow

but watching the cars go by, and the people racing along can be just as interesting (Just hard to photograph because everything here moves so quickly…no shanti to be seen anywhere).  And you MAY even see something FOR animals like this:  A PLAYGROUND FOR DOGS…something you would NEVER see in India!!

And then there is always the glorious contrast between blue sky and green trees-



Blue Sky-Green Trees India

it is wonderful to see.

And then there are the trees:  So many different types and shapes….never a dull moment when we walk with mindfulness.

Bare Tree

Strange Tree

Spreading Branches

Even when the clouds begin rolling in, it can be beautiful, and brings some cooling air when the sun gets too hot suddenly.

Clouds In India

Clouds Rolling In

And what would be a good walk without stopping along the way for something to eat?  In India, my favorite choice of a snack or brunch would be Aloo Parantha served with yogurt and chutney and a steaming glass of spicy masala chai.

Aloo Parantha with Curd and Chutney

That of course will not be found here, unless of course I make it at home myself:


Aloo Parantha Puffed on the Flame - A bread stuffed with spicy potato mixture

but what could be bad about this lovely Israeli breakfast with a lovely cup of steaming hot chocolate to drink?

Life is good, if we choose to perceive it as such.  Wherever we may find ourselves, blessings and miracles and beauty and wonder are all around.  Use mindfulness next time you are out and about…become aware of ALL…connect frequently with you Inner Child to truly celebrate life !


with love light and JOY


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