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It’s been about 1 1/2 years since I last posted here.  There are many reasons for my absence, and truthfully, I thought I was finished with blogging.

But once again, several synchronicities have blessed me over the past several months, all leading me to this day, when, with great joy and gratitude, I return to my writing.

This past year and a half has been a true roller coaster ride…so many unbelievable things finding their way into my life…experiences, people, wisdoms…things beyond anything I could ever imagine or even dream of.

stranger than fiction

So, where to begin….

How about the fact that I turned 70 this year!  Still trying to wrap my head around that number…which basically, is all that it is…a number.  But still, all my life, even today, when I hear that someone is 70, my first thought is, “gee, that’s old!” .  And yet…I’m definitely NO!

70 birthday all together

So wrapping my head around the whole notion is an interesting process.  And it has brought me great insights, understandings and loving perceptions of who I am at this stage in my life.  I have also begun to work with other women who will find themselves at this crossroads in life and the responses have been remarkable.

I feel deeply grateful and immensely blessed to have reached this wonderful new place in my life…I don’t know where the coming posts will lead, but have a feeling that many of them will be related to this new stage in my life’s journey…and this is very exciting to me.

Wonderful family, new love, continued love affair with India, dancing more than ever before,  deepening my Reiki, Yoga and Meditation practices…all wonderful things.



So…good to be back, and look forward to whatever beautiful surprises lay ahead.

Much love light and JOY


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Sing Your Own Song


While practicing my yoga this morning, I was focusing on the photo above as I did my Tree Pose. It is one of my favorite signs (I have many on the wall facing my yoga mat and at different times, different ones draw my attention – usually bringing me messages appropriate to the particular day, or period in my life as needed.
While focusing all my attention on the “JOY” photo – what I kept seeing was not “choosing joy” but “SING JOY

Look more closely and you will understand what popped out at me.

I love to sing (although those around me truly suffer when I do it since I cannot carry a tune for the life of me !). I usually try to sing when no one is around, or when I still had a car, did most of my really loud singing while driving. I DO sing however when others are around sometimes, particularly when I dance folkdancing and people DO tend to give me dirty looks. But that is their problem I figure.

We all have our own song, our own style, our own personalities, our own way of doing things. We all “sing to the song of a different drummer” in one way or another. What is important, is to find our own song, to sing it joyfully, to rejoice in it, and to sing it often. Be who you are. Do what brings you JOY. Rejoice in your own specialness. And don’t let anyone make you feel uncomfortable about your way of doing things, of perceiving things, of responding to things, of

singing your own song.

with love light and JOY

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What is Yoga

This originally appeared on Barbra Brady’s   Yoga blog at the following link:

http://barbrabrady.com/2011/11/05/what-is-yoga/ but I found it so concisely said, in clear and precise language, that I wanted to share it with you but still give credit to the original.  Enjoy with thanks to Barbra.

This is one of the best concise descriptions of what yoga really is I’ve read in a long, long time. I’ve been practicing yoga seriously for 15 years, and have been in continuous yoga teacher training with some of the best teachers in the world for 12 years, and this sweet synopsis sums it up beautifully and meaningfully. It is all the more charming in that English is not the first language of the writer.

This is it, folks:

A question to the Yogis of today…

by Yogsadhna on Monday, October 17, 2011 at 10:10pm

Yogis were primarily scientists to experiment within the laboratories of their bodies utilizing the tools like breath, 5 sensory & 5 motor faculties and posture.  Observing the results of certain practices done over and over again, they consolidated the experience into sutras, mantras and shastras.

The Yogis of today…are you scientists? Do you observe keenly….do you notice how the breath, the heart beat, the temperature(within as well as over the body) and the taste( in the mouth) changes with each asan, each pranayama and each kriya you perfrom?

What steps do you take to filter the energy if it is not filtered or do you just practice Yogafrom one movement, breath, mantra to another in a robotic fashion? Are you in touch with the real practice?

Every Yoga Asan is therapy….there is nothing sepcial about Yoga Therapy as all asan are to make the body healthy and fit for the subtle energy to  move into the central channel taking the madhya patha (central channel~ sushumna)

What is your pratice primarily made up of? Do you contemplate after every asan, pranayama or kriya…how does your thought process change, how are your emotions affected? How has this movment, this breath touched or triggered or churned the panch koshas?

How that vibration that you induced with your pracitce created ripples and where does these ripples reach…how has it increased the energy field, how has it raised your awareness? How deeper has it touched you?

Yoga is not merely learning the sanskrit names, stading on head, chanting mantras or reciting sutras? It is inner transformation…that happens only with awareness…moment to moment awareness! It requires patience to observe these changes, accept these changes, digest these changes and grow from these changes. it requires courage to accept the new person that you have become or are becoming in the process of introversion!

Where are you in your practice?

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Ram Jhula Sunset - Rishikesh

Know What is Good for You….and…….with no excuses, do it often!

This sounds easy to say, but how many of us truly know what is good for us?  If we have figured it out, after years of trial and error, how many times in life do we find excuses not to do this THING because we get sidetracked, are too busy, too tired, to involved with other things, etc.

I recently suffered the consequences of “not doing my thing” over a very long period of time, when I found myself with an immune system which had completely crashed.  Getting things back into balance, is alot more work than keeping  them that way in the first place!

My “thing” is what I like to call my “morning stuff” (which I will explain further on), but it is something which I have personally found to bring me the balance I need in my daily life to remain healthy on all levels.

Like someone going to the gym daily and then stopping completely-withdrawal is both physical mental and emotional… sometimes you may not have time or energy or the urge to do YOUR thing, but if you stop completely it will wreck havoc with all your systems. You may be able to cut back and still keep your balance…but don’t allow yourself the luxury of getting completely sidetracked by external matters and completely ignoring the THING that is so vital to your stability and good health and wellbeing. You may even have to force yourself at times to get down on the meditation pillow,or the yoga mat, or going to the gym, or the pool, or hugging a tree, or getting out in the garden, out walking, (even if the excuse is to walk the dog), down to the beach or on the bike or treadmill. Whatever your thing is, DO IT…regularly, with no excuses. And if you DO find that something has kept you away for a period of time, don’t let that hiatus become overextended. Days, perhaps weeks, but certainly not months!!

Be kind, compassionate and loving enough of yourself to make sure you DO YOUR THING! Often , joyfully and with gratitude.

For many reasons I had gotten away from my own daily routine, and this time it was not days, or even weeks, but almost 6 months – a true catastrophe for me on many levels.  I have been guided gently but powerfully back to my “thing” and in only 3 days have already begun to feel the results in more clarity, energy, alertness, creativity (hence the new blog), youthful enthusiasm, joy and laughter, peace of mind and gentleness of speech. And of course tranquility and stress free well being.

My thing:  my Morning Stuff, includes all of the following (if things are really going well), or as many of them as possible each morning before I begin my day in any other way:

Reiki self-treatment – up to 1 full hour-usually done while still half asleep so the time factor is less significant

Reiki Distance Healing to others:  up to 1/2 hour-same as above

Short Morning Prayer and recitation of Reiki Principles (ask for more details if this interests you) -5 minutes

Connection with my Guides, God and the Angels and to all beings-asking for guidance and direction for the coming day and wisdom to hear the messages sent me to guide and direct me – also “surrounding and filling myself with the light of love joy and protection” – 15 minutes (may be longer at times of need)

Drinking two glasses of warm water

Shaolin Massage (ask if you want more details on this stimulating waker-upper)-5 minutes

Chakra Balancing – 10 minutes

Pranayama (Yogic breathing exercises)  10-20 minutes

Meditation/Prayer Session – 20 minutes to 1 hour

Yoga – 1/2 hour

Warm Sesame Oil Massage

Hot Shower

If my day is going well, I will be up and beginning the rest of my day after 2 1/2 hours.  When time is short, I can manage with 1-1 1/2 hours, or I can leave the yoga for the afternoon (but that is usually not a good idea as it hardly ever “happens” once I’ve gotten involved in my daily activities)

So remember:

Be kind, compassionate and loving enough of yourself to make sure you DO YOUR THING! Often , with no excuses, joyfully and with gratitude.

with love light and JOY







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