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I’ve been a grandmother for over 24 years and a Mother for almost 50!  And one of my greatest joys ever was sitting for extended periods of time and just watching my babies and grandbabies sleep, or quietly awake during the day…watching the changing faces and expressions…seeing them as they would be when they got older…amazing times which can never be recaptured.

This past week, I went for my bi-weekly visit to my daughter to help her with her two babies.  The older boy all of 13 months and the new little sister, just one month old.


And to my initial horror, realized that I had forgotten my phone at home.  I was already too far away to go back and get it, but after my first panicked thought, realized it was definitely not “the end of the world”

Turns out, it was a blessing in disguise and a powerful lesson.  They are called “cell”phones for good reason.  We have become prisoners to them and have been denying ourselves beautiful everyday joys and blessings without even realizing it.


My daughter took big brother out for a short walk and left me with “baby” baby who had just fallen asleep. I sat next to her on the bed and my first impulse was to go get the phone so I could “read a book, play a game, check-in on Facebook, email, whatsapp etc. “. What we do so automatically these days that we don’t even think about it.  And suddenly realizing that I didn’t have the phone with me!

And then, also realizing, that I had nothing to do but sit and look at this beautiful angelic soul and enjoy her presence. It was only then that I realized that I had missed out on this joyful, blessed pastime for several years now…always picking up the phone when I had “nothing” to do and giving it all my attention.  It actually made me sad, but also made me realize that I was definitely in need of a change, not just during the times I was with my grandkids, but ALL the time….


Not truly being “in the moment” but being “in the phone” instead and missing out on all the things around me at every moment that are truly important.  Just sitting out in my backyard and looking at my garden! Or sitting at the beach and looking and listening to the sights and sounds of the seashore. Or even just sitting in my rocking chair with music playing in the background, and just sitting…and enjoying it!

At one point I even thought “oh my, I don’t have the camera to take her photo!”. But now, days later, I realize that the images of her are engraved in my mind’s eye and I can easily recall them whenever I choose to.  As are so many beautiful images from the past 50 years, which we never had the means of easily photographing, but remain fresh in our mind forever because we were completely there in the moment. And it is so easy to “look” at them…no need to search through thousands of photos to find what we want.  Just a quick thought of a person and an event, and the images are instantly retrieved.


So, once again, I am blessed with a powerful lesson, and God willing, will take it to heart and reap its benefits completely.

With love light and JOY









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