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Much love light and JOY

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I Should have been writing today from Rishikesh, but, things change and I AM NOT IN INDIA!!

India 2008-2015

I should have been writing this post from my room in Rishikesh

and wishing you shabbat shalom from there.


But as things have a way of happening in life, things don’t always happen as we plan them.  And this is usually a blessing, sometimes in disguise, very often immediately understood (as is the case today).  But that doesn’t make it any easier sitting in one place when you expected to be someplace else.  So to ease the situation, I’ve decided to at least enjoy the blessings of my memories and here are just of few of them from Rishikesh, Dharamsala, Varanassi, Haridwar….there are of course endless memories, and perhaps over the next couple of months this is what I will be posting here….



So, from Israel, I wish you all a Shabbat Shalom…much love light and JOY

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Had a beautiful walk today….feeling grateful and blessed!


I should have been flying into India tomorrow, but had to cancel my flight at the last minute. But life is beautiful and I am grateful for all things. I hope the person who bought my cancelled ticket at the last minute will enjoy India as much as I would have.

Much love light and JOY to all

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Flowing Towards Dreams Fulfilled

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This was posted five years ago on my mindfulness journal blog but it is extremely relevant and powerful at the moment as well. May we all have a year of truly listening!

Jane's Mindfulness Journal

Are We Really Hearing the Messages?

September 16, 2009

If you’ve been following this blog you know that praying, another way of saying “asking for help” always brings solutions, which start formulating themselves as soon as we’ve asked for them.  The problem is, they very often don’t fit our preconceived notions of how these solutions should come about or what form they should take.  Which is why expectations in any form are a “no-no” in the realm of manifestation.  We, as human beings, can never truly imagine in our wildest dreams all that is possible for us, and it is therefore counter-productive to limit God and the Universe and Divine wisdom.

The second problem is, very often we are given messages containing answers as to how to proceed, but we are either unaware of them, or not willing to accept them even if we do hear them.

And this is…

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