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Getting back to India and getting back to ME

India 2008-2015



The medicine I need at this junction in my life.  I’ve been away from here for months now, been through an extremely intense year since my return from India last November.  The months away from here, my blog, my refuge, have also been months away from myself.  Longer in fact than months.  Dealing with family issues, health issues relationship issues, financial issues, has taken up every bit of time and energy I have been able to muster over this past period of time.

I don’t know how well I dealt with all the issues I confronted, but I always did the best I could at the moment.  And that is all we can expect of ourselves.  But the intensivity of this past year has drained me…left me depleted…and what I need more than anything else from this coming trip to India, is TIME!

Time to refuel, to be with…

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