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Such an Honor….I am humbled and grateful. 🙂

India 2008-2015

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Oh my!!  I’ve been awarded this lovely Award by Peri at Peri’s Spice Handle.  I am completely surprised, but humbled and greatly honoured as well.  If you have not as yet visited her blog, and you have a love affair similar to my own with India Cuisine, I urge you to rush over as soon as possible.  Her blog is designed to ” add Indian-inspired flavors to everyday favoritesand tweak Indian classicsfor a more global appeal’.  And she does a superb job of  this.  Her recipes are always delicious to eat, but also exact in measure and instructions which makes them a joy to try out.

Peri honored my blog with the following comment which I would like to share with you: “Namaste Jane:) Your site and posts on India thrill my soul. I visited India vicariously thru you this year! Thank you for …being such a…

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