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Just in case you are curious as to where I have been the last while, I want to remind you that I am finally back in India, for a short trip, and will be posting daily HERE:   http://janesindiajournals.wordpress.com
if you are interested in following my adventures or just checking out the photos.

The above is something I came across today and just wanted to share it with you all.

with much love light and JOY to all


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Hope you will follow my journey on my India Journal Blog! 🙂

India 2008-2015

Rishikesh-HERE I COME!!

Flying tomorrow evening and will arrive on Wednesday around lunch time (following a 5-7 hour taxi ride from Delhi). Hopefully on Thursday, during my morning walk with my friend M, who will be in India for the first time (!), I will sit down at some point to drink Chai, perhaps at the Buddha Cafe, and enjoy the above scene onces again.  🙂  I look forward to seeing all my wonderful friends in Rishikesh who I have sorely missed over the past year and 8 months…the longest I’ve been away from India in a very long time.

Have been fighting a serious sinus infection the past 2 weeks, including antibiotics the last few days (a rare occurrence for me) and thankfully my fever has finally abated.  Won’t be an easy trip but it will be wonderful to be back…even if I have to continue resting up for…

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OMG! Thanks to all of you wonderful readers out there. It is because of this lovely feedback that I continue blogging here. I hope this blog has been of some small inspiration or assistance to you along your own life’s journey.

And speaking of journeys, you might like to re-read this post: The Joys of the Journey-Scenes from a Car Window

much love light and JOY to all of you!

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Super Sweet Blogging Award…How Delicious!!

Thank you to Peri from http://perisspiceladle.com/ (Indian-inspired Food for the Global Palate) for giving me this yummy delicious award.  Wish I could take a bite of it, but at least Peri continues to offer amazing recipes on her blog, which ARE delightfully edible (if you take the time to prepare them that is!)  Really worth checking out her blog .

The Rules:

  • Give credit to the person who chose to nominate you.
  • Answer the “Super Sweet” questions.
  • Nominate a “Baker’s Dozen (13) blogs.

Super Sweet questions

  1. Cookies or Cake? Both!
  2. Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla
  3. What is your favorite sweet treat? Oh my,,,anything which is a sweet treat would work!!  
  4. When do you crave sweet things the most? All the time.  But I do my best not to eat sugar at all…perhaps that’s why I crave it all the time. 
  5. If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Cookie (very often find myself calling my kids “cookie”-even my grandkids once in awhile)

You will note that the blogs I happily nominate are either about inspiration,food, travel, photography or all of these things together!!  J .  Enjoy…each and every one of them is worth taking a look at.















with love light and JOY and much deliciously spent moments reading wonderful blogs.


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I had planned to use the above as the beginning of a full post regarding personal growth and life’s journey. But have decided it is enough as it stands.  Would love to hear your comments, personal experiences, ideas about the this concept, about your own life’s journey, about your own personal growth etc.

with much love light and JOY

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Mindful Reminder

Seeing the world through the eyes of a child…or…

Never loose touch with your own inner child!



This exquisite creature was in my backyard today, but if my granddaughter had not pointed it out to me, I would have a missed it.  And what a shame that would have been.

There is so much beauty and wonder surrounding us in all places, at every moment, if we can just be mindful enough to capture those moments.  The more we are in touch with our own inner child, the more we are open to receive all these blessings we have been given so lovingly.

I do my best to always be mindful of all that is around me, with all my senses (but of course don’t always succeed)…hearing the birds or crickets, TRULY tasting the food I-not just the first delicious bite-but from beginning to end, feeling the different textures of things I touch, smelling the wonderful smell after the first rain or the salt air as I approach the sea and of course, seeing all that there is to see.  These are just examples of different ways to be mindful during each and every day.

Find your own way to put this idea  into practice and the whole world will suddenly seem so much more colorful, joyful, rich and beautiful. And of course, don’t forget to express your wonder, joy and gratitude for all these blessings as often as possible

Blessings surround us always…it is our choice to learn to appreciate them.

with love light and JOY



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