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I have not posted regularly  lately and ask for your understanding.  I’ve been on a carousel ride for the  past 10 months or so, and the ride is finally slowing down enough to allow me to jump off for awhile.


I had arranged a trip to the States months ago, to visit my family, and the timing could not be more perfect.  I am leaving for 3 weeks, and have no idea if I will be posting here, or not.


I even two blogger awards which I have not even gotten around to and extend my thanks to Heart Whispers
for nominating me for the wonderful 7×7 Award and to  TheBurntMap for the Kreativ Blogger nomination.  I am truly overwhelmed by these nominations and do promise to properly accept them as soon as I get back “on track”.

I am not disappearing forever, but the need to “be away” from all the current demands of my reality is very powerful, and will respect my soul’s wishes to stop the world and get off for awhile.  I’ve learned that truly listening to these inner messages, these soul needs, is essential to my good health on all levels.  When we move away from this “listening”, we find ourselves floundering in cold, choppy waters, looking for a log to grab onto to bring us back to shore.

I have found my log and am now hanging on for dear life.

I will treat myself with compassion, love and respect.


I am allowing myself to enjoy this period of rest and relaxation (or recuperation) to the fullest, without feeling guilty about it in any way, and with full compassion for my soul’s needs.

Will see you all when I find the need to be back here.

with love light and JOY

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This is so well written and says it all. Remember the daily prayer asking for Freedom from Fear and enjoy this superb post by Francesca at Words/Love


If I could tell my younger self only one thing, it would be this: Don’t be afraid. There are no ghosts in your closet or monsters under your bed. Do not be afraid of wild things. You are a wild thing. Roar like it. Have a wild rumpus or two.

When you are learning how to ride a bike, you will fall down, a lot. You will get injured almost every time you try to play a sport. It will hurt, but you will survive. Don’t let your fear of pain keep you from trying. You will spend your whole life regretting the chances you didn’t take.

When you get a little bit older, you will be afraid that no one will like you. You will constantly fear with others think about you. When you aren’t included in something, you will see it as your own failure, and you will…

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