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Message From a Snail

While out in my garden this morning, I came across this exquisite creature,

Message Bearer

and while photographing him, realized there was an important message here for me.  Look at the various shots, and I think you will quickly understand the message as well.

Notice the way the whole picture changes depending on what we are focusing on.- what our perspective is. What was  inconsequential  before becomes the center of our point of view,

and what was once of major importance, fades into the background.

Life is the Same!

The choice is ours-we choose where we place our focus-how we perceive things.  And it is our decision to make changes when we understand that we are placing our focus on the wrong things.

But change, even small change, is something which is very difficult for us as human beings. We are creatures of habit, even when those habits no longer serve our better interests.

Try making small changes first, like the sequence you use to get dressed each day (put your left leg in your jeans leg first, instead of your right one), put your shirt on first, instead of your pants, brush your teeth differently (start on the lower jaw instead of the upper one), put your shoes and sox on in a different way.

Notice how even these small things can be difficult, but they can be changed.  Once you have become more comfortable with small changes (do this for a couple of weeks at least, in as many ways as you can think of during the day), then begin to think of the bigger changes you would like to make in your life and go for it!!

And remember, the snail moves so slowly we hardly notice its progress, but it always gets where it wants to go!  Slow and steady wins the race!

with love light and JOY


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Just thought this more “India” than the previous one (which is also from India-Tapovan Village in Rishikesh). This new header is Ram Jhula in Rishikesh.

here’s the old one to remind you in case you want to “vote”

with gratitude and love


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Message from a Snail

Message from a Snail

Found this guy roaming around on my garden wall this morning, and while I was photographing him, realized there was an important message here.  See my next post Change Your Focus – Change Your Life  for more details and enjoy the photos here.  🙂

Snail on the Wall

WOW! This House is Heavy

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