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Typical Scenes from Tapovan and Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh, India – 2 Videos

Just missing India once again and going through my journal.  Came across this video taken just this time last year while sitting on the porch of my Indian Doctor’s clinic (DR. Arora) in Tapovan, Rishikesh .  Here in Israel at the moment it is stormy, rainy, cold, windy, some places even having snow -winter seems to be hanging in with a fury this year -and just remembering that it is already Spring in India.  And Holi coming up in a few days  (more about that in my next post).  Hope you enjoy the video…on second thought – I will post another one as well with views of a typical scene in Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh on a regular weekday, as well.  Hope you enjoy them both!!  They certainly brightened up MY dreary wintry day!

<iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/xHDe66ZNHzk” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen>

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The Importance of Requesting Angelic Assistance in All Things


Some of the Many Angel Feathers I've Received Over the Years

I have been working with angels for years now and have felt a deep connection to specific ones for a long time, using them in cleansing, protection, healing, asking for assistance and direction, etc. I never begin a day without asking for them to be with me, nor do I begin a healing session on myself, or anyone else, without also asking for their assistance, guidance and protection. I feel their presence with me always, with a particularly close, even physical sensation when I call upon Archangels Michael and Raphael.  Archangels Gabrielle and Uriel are also with me during my day.

A couple of days ago I received a new Kindle Touch and was playing with the wifi trying to see how it work, when a list of “recommended for you” books turned up.  I was able to download samples of the ones I chose, and chose “randomly” from the 1500 or so books listed.  Once the samples found their way, instantaneously I must say, to my device, I began reading them.  And the first one, a sample from one of Doreen Virtue’s new books,  contained the message I needed:  reminding me that angels are loving beings, always there to serve us, but that they cannot interfere in our life.  We must REQUEST their angelic assistance in order for them to help us.  And apparently I have not been asking for enough angelic assistance lately.

And then of course we must be aware of their assistance, as subtle as it may be.  We receive messages in many ways- random posts we may read, coincidences (which are really synchronicities which are sent along to us as they are needed in our lives), a song on the radio, a scene in a movie and of course, finding feathers in unusual places or circumstances.  Finding such an angel feather, whether large and very small,  is a very clear physical message to us that the angels have heard our prayers, our requests for assistance, and that they are “working on it” at this very moment.  And of course, a “thank you” is in place here.

So, sending me this book sample is apparently their way of telling me that I need to know even more than I already do, (or perhaps to just confirm what I already know), and in some way make use of their love and guidance in even more ways.

More of My Lovely Angel Feathers

This morning, during my meditation, I began once again to turn to the angels.  I have spent the last couple of weeks in a sort of private retreat -and it has been extremely healing for me on many levels.  I have also had the time to leisurely take care of myself and my own needs.  But the time has come to begin getting back to the regular routine of life, and I realized that first of all I had fears about this, and also concerns about just how I will manage -how I will get back into the swing of things.  How will I still have time for this blog, for example(!).

I asked for guidance and direction from my Guides, as I always do, and of course the wisdom to hear and understand their messages.  But then I asked for angelic assistance in moving back into things in the easiest and gentlest possible way, and for doing so with Faith and complete freedom from fear.

I felt very much at peace after this meditation, as if a great weight had been lifted, and began the rest of my day with newfound joy and a sense of wellbeing.

When I opened my terrace door to take out my laundry, right at my feet was a lovely “angel feather“, just waiting for me, telling me that the angels had heard me and were “on it”.

Angel Feather I Found This Morning - These Small Ones are Particularly Powerful Messages that we have been Heard

Later on in the morning, while working on this post, I was guided towards a post written several years ago on my India Journal Blog-which simply said:

“This morning, while meditating, I felt an extremely powerful physical presence on my right side, which to me is always the place where I feel Archangel Michael’s presence. As he is the Archangel who, among other things, removes negativity and cleanses, the following message which I received makes perfect sense coming from him:

You are being completely cleansed in preparation for the next phase of your life. Be prepared for surprises!!!”

guess sometimes the angels feel like giving us a gentle reminder every now and then, about things we’ve been told in the past which apply today as well. Since I had already asked for help, this was one of the ways they came to help me almost instantly after my request.

I am so blessed

With love light and JOY


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With Joy and Gratitude for God’s Wondrous Blessings

Small Pleasures

You don’t have to go far to see miraculous scenes.  These small “landscapes” are an example:  I went out to my small garden this morning to look for weeds and found these lovely creatures and beautiful flowers waiting to greet me.

First Flower to Bloom -Perhaps Winter is Slowly Coming to an End?

Just wanted to share my joy at the magic that each moment holds for us if we are open to receive and if we can just live our days in mindfulness, awareness and of course joy and gratitude to God and the Universe.

Still blooming through the whole winter


Would love to hear about YOUR small miracles if you care to share.

with love light and JOY


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From this place of quiet contentment, this place of knowing and acceptance, the messages are always given the opportunity to find their way easily to my inner wisdom.

Clouds Over the Mountain-As they clear away, we have a clearer view of what lies behind them

I have always found this clarity of vision while in India, but it has alluded me this year while here at home.  Channeled messages are always part of my sojourns in India, so receiving the following message early this morning, brought great comfort and joy into my life-more on this following the message:

You no longer need to strive. You have moved beyond the place of having to put so much constant effort into your continuing journey. After many years of hard work, you have earned the privilege of sitting back and enjoying the ride. You only need to allow yourself to flow, without resistance, wherever the current takes you.

If you can relax into this flow it will always bring you to the place you need to be at the moment.  Not too early, not too late.  If you strive, and “work at it”, you will still get to the same places but you will find yourself pushing against the current very often, which will make the journey that much more difficult.  And after your efforts have exhausted you,  you will collapse-having used up all of your energies in resistance and in staying afloat.  And then once again, you will simply be forced to relax into the flow.

So stop striving – stop trying to “get there faster”. Let us move you along at the pace we know to be the best for you, in the direction which is correct at the moment.  We see the big picture, the overview, and know what hazards lie along the way (like a good GPS). If you let us, we will always keep you away from those hazards, even if makes the journey seem roundabout, or unnecessarily twisted and turning.

Continue to have FAITH in our wisdom and in our love for you. We will never steer you in the wrong direction.

You are truly loved.

And THIS is truly what I have been missing by not being in INDIA.

All of my “leaps” forward have occurred in India. Simply because I could allow myself to just “BE”, instead of always “DOING”.  And through the quiet of “being”, there was the tranquil place within me which was open to receive these loving messages.  I allowed place for the clouds to clear, letting me see with clarity what lies beyond.

The posts of the past couple of weeks have been expressions of a slowly dawning inner awareness – the clearing of the clouds so to speak-and it is now 4:30 AM and a true AHA! moment.

I am truly blessed.

If you are interested in seeing further messages received over the years, you can check out either of the following blogs and you will be taken to many posts with all types of messages – some received for me personally, and some received for other people through me.



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Lessons learned the hard way, may be the best lessons we have, but life would be simpler if we didn’t need them to figure things out.

Sometimes, you need to be alone. Not to be lonely, but to enjoy the free time just being yourself.


Y. asked me awhile ago why I couldn’t bring whatever it is I have in India back home with me.  No matter how hard I tried, something was always missing.  I made a great effort at keeping the same relaxing pace in my life, and that usually worked, taking things easily, not letting things “get to me”, and of taking my daily walks, doing my morning practice, etc., but it was far from bringing India back with me.  It took awhile to understand what was still missing, but I eventually understood what the difference was of being alone in India vs. being here with my family, friends, partner, etc.

The true luxury of being able to think only of what I want to do each morning as I wake up – not what I need to do or should do – and if I decide to change my plans suddenly during the day, I don’t have to consult anyone other than myself.  This is not to say I sit around all day doing nothing there – far from it.  I have a busier social life than I do here, I work more than I do here, and am out and about much more than I am here (and if you are interested in seeing what I do there-you can check out my India Journal:   http://janesindiajournals.wordpress.com   ) While in India, I DO work, and DO have friend, DO have a full life, but it is always pretty much on my own terms, and according to my own wants and desires-not according to must, should or have to.  I have a very active and productive life there, but always on my own terms following the dictates of my soul – my inner voice-my own truth knowing what is exactly right for me at each moment.

Not being in India for a few months this year to regain my balance has taken its toll in many ways.  But it wasn’t until I was “hit” with pneumonia (following many minor illnesses, knee problems which kept me from my dancing and my yoga-(2 of my greatest joys) – eating problems resulting in severe weight loss, and more) that i finally realized what was happening.

I have just spent the past week or so, and still have a few days to go yet before I am completely well enough to go back to my “regular” routine-just spent this time joyfully and gratefully doing only what I want to do  – no  “need to do“, no “should do“, no “have to do“.  there will be plenty of time for all that soon enough.

But this short respite has been a true blessing for me and I’ve enjoyed every moment (am still enjoying) – (once of course I lovingly gave myself permission to be ill) without having to find “reasons” or “excuses” for saying “NO”, or not doing all the things I “should be”.  God sent me the excuse in the form of an illness which no one could argue with – You have pneumonia-you simply rest and take care of yourself-period.

It’s been a wonderful period of time-short-but lovely. And  although it is still not India, it was the “break” I needed to begin working my way slowly back to balance on all levels.

I’ve receive many lovely messages about things to come – on all levels of my personal life journey as well as my dealings with my friends, relatives, partner and clients.

It’s been a profound lesson.  If I simply could have declared a two-week “just for me vacation” a couple of months ago, as my soul was screaming out to me at the time, I wouldn’t have had to go through the difficulties I have been having health wise.

But how many people can just say

“Stop the world –I want to get off”,

and actually do it without having something come along to force them to?  Could You? Do You?

with love light and JOY




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Sometimes, Doing Nothing Can Be the Best Thing to be Doing


Most of us, especially in the West, have been trained from childhood that sitting around “doing nothing” is a complete waste of time and a definite “no-no”. Maybe even tantamount of sin.  We’ve been made to feel guilty about it for so long, that even thinking about it brings up uncomfortable feelings.  Well, nothing could be further from the truth and it is time to start seeing the idea of “doing nothing” in a different light.

The Art of Doing Nothing

There are times in life, as noted above in the lovely photo, when there simply is nothing you can do to change anything from being the way it is at the moment.  And trying to change something like that (like being sick with pneumonia), will only bring despair, frustration, anger, depression, etc., into your life.  Knowing when you are faced with such a situation is of course also something which must be learned – (if you do nothing when you should be doing something, then of course you are not assisting the Universe in moving things along for you)-but if you seriously take a look at the situation which is frustrating you at the moment, and come to the conclusion that this is definitely not something you can do anything about, then doing nothing is the best thing you can do.

You must continue to live in an attitude of gratitude, for even a difficult situation is in your life at the moment for a good reason, one which you may understand at a later date, or not.  So give thanks to God and the Universe for giving you the blessing of whatever has come into your life at the moment to upset your balance or frustrate you, and then put it aside.  Stop contemplating and thinking and trying to analyze the how’s and why’s of it.

By doing this, you are expressing your Faith in  God and the Universe to always send to you what is best for your Higher Good at the moment, and by releasing resistance, you are allowing the “thing” to more easily accomplish whatever it is meant to in your life.

A “doing nothing” time is also the perfect time to gather energy for whatever comes next. Allow yourself, with love and compassion, to enjoy this time in total acceptance.

This is also a precious time for your body, and soul, to cleanse and rejuvenate and get ready for whatever is to come.

So, is this a “do nothing” time for you?  If so, accept it and …ENJOY!  I’ve been completely doing just that for the past few days, once overcoming more than a week of “fighting it” (my illness), and have been playing computer games, watching old tv series which I love, reading “just for fun” books, and not beating myself up about not doing my yoga, meditation practice or any of the other things I “should” be doing.  And to my great pleasure, I am finally beginning to feel “human” again.

My gratitude for the blessings of these times and for the wisdom to recognize them for what they are.

Hope you will all find the time to “do nothing” and benefit from it as it was meant to be for you.  remember:

Doing Nothing is Doing Something Very Important

with love light and JOY


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It’s one of those days.

The photos accompanying this post are just my way of doing something nice for myself today–re-experiencing some relaxing days in Rishikesh, India

Relaxing Along the Ghats, Laxman Jhula Rishikesh

Didn’t sleep again last nite due to my cough, woke this morning with a pounding headache-a rare thing for me – made my way to my family doctor and it seems after all this time of feeling really ill and being weak, that i have pneumonia!  At least there is a good reason for the way I’ve been feeling.

Aside from that, I switched phone companies yesterday to get cheaper rates and although I was promised I’d have a line working within a few hours, I am still without a working phone as of this afternoon.  When I spoke to them, for the second time today (after being assured that a technician was already on the way to see what the problem was and fix it), they had the nerve to tell me that they could not send a technician until tomorrow because according to the “rules”, since I called just today, it is impossible for them to send someone the same day!!  Wanted to know why, if I was having trouble with my line, I waited so long to notify them!!!   That’s when I exploded-not from anger but from pure frustration!  Bottom line, they “made every effort” and someone is supposed to come today.  (Since I wrote this-they called to tell me that it is against the rules and the management cancelled the technician for today-at that point I told them to simply send the technician whenever they wanted to and let him disconnect me from them and reconnect me back to the first -when I was told that would be impossible-I’d have to let them fix the line and THEN call the old provider and tell them I wanted to reconnect-I exploded once again-by then fierce jackhammers pounding in my head and agreed to have the technician come tomorrow and figure it out from there – just as I hung up, the representative from the FIRST company called to ask me why I transferred my line and I explained to him that I thought it was cheaper etc.  He gave me a new deal, will send someone tomorrow morning to reconnect me, and told me not to say anything to the other company.  When they come to fix their own line, just tell them to take the device and leave!-which is what I will do-and hope this is the end of the phone story!)

The whole above story sounds like something very India, and maybe just a way of giving the feeling of being in India without actually being there!!

Biking in India

More Biking in India...Note the Elephant Sign

Still feeling miserable-but being compassionate enough with me to allow myself to be ill (advice from my wonderful guy Y), but still trying to understand why-many different theories, but the truth is, it doesn’t really matter “why”

I need to get back to the place of accepting things, knowing there is a good reason for it all – But I am not having much luck these days doing that. I am not at all pleased with the way I am feeling, and doing my best to release and surrender, but for some reason there is resistance and I am having a hard time of it.  And of course, the resistance only makes things worse.

This is a venting post.  I know I will find my way back to my balance,..I always do.  I know these are all blessings (in disguise at the moment).  I know all things are for my Higher Good – there are just times when I wish I could see the “big picture”, the “overview”, myself.

Searching for Answers or Just Enjoying the View Along the Ganga

This is one of those times

with love light JOY and good health


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Shiva with Offerings - During Shivratri in Laxman Jhula Rishikesh Last Year


I have many photos of Shiva statues, but this is my favorite one.  And not being in rishikesh to celebrate, jut figured I put a little something here to honor the day. This is a day when hordes of Indians come to bathe in the Ganga as it is considered to be a very auspicious day to receive the Ganga blessings.   Remember, this is in the winter in India, the Ganga is fed by glacial snows which melt high up in the Himalayas, and the water is instant-numbing cold.  But the hearty pilgrims seem to have no difficulty in dunking over and over and saying their prayers, and then coming out all wet into the cold air.  The women go in with all their clothes on and then have to discreetly remove the wet sari and petticoat and blouse and put on a dry one.  This is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed in India.

And the streets are so crowded you can hardly walk.  Getting across the bridges can take up to half and hour if you are lucky and in short, it is a day that I prefer staying close to home.  I did brave the streets the first year I was there, and it was amazing to see the joy and sheer pleasure on the faces of everyone, as well as the unbelievable display of colors in the women’s clothing.

And so sitting here at home, in my “other” reality, I think of India once again,

Here’s another very impressive Shiva in Haridwar…

Shiva outside Haridwar, India

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This is going to be a short THANK  YOU note to all of you who are here.  Whether you are here just once through a random Google search,, or are a regular follower, commenter, “liker” or “lurker”, the response I’ve had to this new blog has overwhelmed me with joy and gratitude  and quite frankly, surprise.  I have been blogging for many years and have several other blogs, but none have received the attention that this one has.

And why the Thank You , you may ask?

Well, all good things in life should never be taken for granted.  We must always be aware of all the blessings that come our way, both big and small  , throughout each and every day. (basically, there ARE no small blessings-a parking space just where you need it, a short wait when you call technical support, a beautiful flower in the garden or a superb sunset -these are blessings no less important than others and worthy of our appreciation and expression of gratitude).

It is one of the best ways of bringing even more blessings into our lives, for manifesting new realities, for attracting to us all we desire and deserve.  The idea is quite simple.  If someone loves us enough to bring us gifts or do nice things for us all time, and we never say thank you or express our appreciation, if we don’t acknowledge their gifts and kindness, then eventually, even the most loving person will stop doing these things for us.  The Universe, God,  are no different.  God wants to shower us always with those things that are best for our Higher Good, and the Universe is always aware of our prayers and requests (even if it is only to say “please please make sure I have a parking space when I get there”) – and these things will be granted to us.  But they should not be TAKEN for granted, or eventually, we will be attracting less and less to us.

So, just as I appreciate all the blessings each and every day of my life, as I accept them in joy, and express my gratitude to God and the Universe,  I want you all to know that I am grateful to all of you for your being here with me, and to let you know that you all bring great joy into my life.

If there is anything you would like to hear more about from me, or points which you feel need further discussion among the different issues raised on this blog, I’d be happy to have your comments and feedback.

With Joy and Gratitude -THANK YOU!!!!

with love light and JOY



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“Just for today I will experience all in complete acceptance, joy,gratitude and freedom from fear”.

Lotus Pond, Sarnath, India

I have been going through a very untranquil period in my life recently, feeling unbalanced, disorientated, confused, and much of this is showing up in physical symptoms of various degrees of severity.  Finding where the inbalance comes from is the easy part.Finding the way BACK to balance is more difficult, and I’ve been “working hard” at it for some time now, and seeing no results. In place of complete Faith and acceptance in joy and gratitude, Fear and doubt have slowly crept back into my life as well, to further complicate issues – emotions and thoughts which I have managed to overcome over the past years, and this in itself is disturbing. So, as I do when I find myself “stuck”, I made the decision to move inward and allow the answers to find their way to me, and, as always happens, it works! Below you will be able to read the full message as it came to me.

Just a short note….each morning, aside from chanting the 5 Reiki Prinicples with full intent, I have added the following to my morning routine as I was guided to during a meditation last year:

“Just for today I will experience all in complete acceptance, joy, gratitude and freedom from fear”

This is an extremely powerful sentence, for it requires us to be living in complete FAITH in God and the Universe, to accept all things, and to be joyful with all that comes our way. And of course, to be grateful for all these blessings. While repeating this today, I did so with full and focused intention – something I haven’t been doing lately.

When things are not going as we imagined they would, it takes full attention to and intention to these words to help us get things back into proportion and perspective, and to understand that our need to know when, and why and how simply makes our lives much more difficult.  THese are all things which should be entrusted to God and the Universe, as discussed in previous posts.  “You can have either Fear or Faith, not both”. Mutant Messages Down Under-Marlo Morgan

So when the following message came to me during my morning meditation, I once again felt the release of fear and doubt, and with this return to balanced thinking, to Faith and Acceptance, to joy and gratitude, am certain that all other things will find balance once again in my life as well.

Message from My Morning Meditation

My life is a twisted turning road and I never know what awaits me around the next bend.  But I travel this road in complete Freedom from Fear for I know without a doubt, with complete Faith in God and His loving Universe, that another wonderful exciting and beautiful surprise is waiting for me once I get around the curve.

It may be a sharp and unexpected turn and I will have to navigate it carefully and slowly,  but once I get past it, a whole new and wonderful vista appears before me once again.

I am truly blessed to have found this road of liberation and joy and love.  God is the engineer and Master builder and administrator of this road, and He has graciously given me, and everyone, free access to it. We just have to be willing to take the first step into the unknown with  Freedom from Fear, and complete acceptance and Faith in what lies ahead.

with love light and JOY


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